Saturday, June 15, 2019

About Us


The South Carolina Summary Court Judges Association is a voluntary, private association which serves as the coordinating agency for South Carolina Summary Courts and the South Carolina Court Administration.  SCSCJA was established in 1973 and was originally named the South Carolina Magistrates Association; it later expanded to include municipal court judges and now has over 500 active and retired members.

The Association is dedicated to the improvement of the judiciary through the promotion of professionalism, education and legislation affecting the summary courts and the administration of fair and equal justice in accordance with the law.  These objectives are met through training conferences held throughout the year that provide members with information about new statutes and regulations, judicial ethics, and substantive and procedural law pertaining to the summary courts.

SCSCJA Objectives:
  • To encourage the adoption of uniform practices and procedures in the Summary Courts of the State of South Carolina.
  • To maintain the highest possible judicial standards in these courts.
  • To assist legislative bodies of county, municipal and state governments by making available to them information obtained from the experiences and studies of the members of this Association.
  • To keep its membership informed on all subject matter of importance related to traffic, criminal and civil issues that pertain to the summary courts, including substantive and procedural law pertaining to said courts.
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