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Below is the absentee ballot instructions provided by Judge Rodger Edmonds, Elections Chair. Please click on the link below and read the instructions carefully. The ballot will not be placed on this site as you can only get the absentee ballot from Judge Edmonds. The three way to obtain an absentee ballot are: call 803-279-1140, email your request to or by mail at the address listed on the below. You are allowed to vote absentee starting now. All mail in ballots must be received by August 29, 2014. You will also be allowed to vote absentee at the conference by seeing Judge Edmonds. 

The candidates for this year's election are as follows:

President: Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley First Vice-President: C. Ryan Johnson
Phil Newsom
Danny Singleton

Magistrate Vice-President: Mandrile Young Municipal Vice-President: Debi Culler

Secretary: Donna Williamson Treasurer: Becki Adams
    Ernest O'Brien

Please READ the absentee ballot instructions below!


For Mailing, the address is:
Judge Rodger Edmonds
630 Hampton Circle
North Augusta, S.C. 29841-2566
Judge Rodger Edmonds

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